Agent Plus is the first agent in Serbia registered in the State Register of ship agents and brokers The new Law on Commercial Shipping has brought order to the agency services of the Republic of Serbia – regulated companies and individuals who can perform services of shipping agents and intermediary agents The end of 2017 brought the long-awaited result of legislative initiatives in recent years. Namely, after the adoption of the new Law on Commercial Shipping, the State Register of ship agents and brokers of the Republic of Serbia, who has the right and knowledge to perform the aforementioned tasks, is regulated. Only companies and persons registered with this register are proven professionals and qualified to provide specialized services in commercial shipping. The law strictly regulated the necessary qualifications, as well as the necessary conditions that companies and their employees need to possess to be officially approved after the registration. The competent Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure has initiated and coordinated all the necessary actions in applying the new law in practice.

Agent Plus, a Maritime – River Agency , is registered under number 1 in the State Register of ship agents and brokers of the Republic of Serbia. This register will surely bring better working conditions as well as a significantly higher and guaranteed level of quality of services in the agency on Serbian waterways. At any given time of the year,  all interested customers have at their disposal 15 brokers and agents, deployed at all border crossings and key points on the Danube. With the central division in Belgrade, and the independent companies in Constanta, Bar and Rijeka, the port agency and chartering departments of Agent Plus business group readily perform all the agency services. In 2015 Agent Plus became a member of Fonasba, an influential global association of agents and brokers. As the only Serbian company that is a member of this association, Agent Plus expands its interests and influences within the association of professionals, believing that the only business and compliance with international and domestic laws, but also proposing supplements and good practices is a safe way to provide clients with professional and quality service. Agent Plus is the initiator of the expert meeting in Serbia for encouraging the development and implementation of good practice, faster progress in the field of water transport of Serbia and the region, called Forum “Talas”. The long-standing effort, knowledge and initiative of Agent Plus, other companies and competent institutions to connect professional public and improve practice have now been intensified at a much wider level through improved legal frameworks of the Republic of Serbia.




Allow us to inform You that Serbian Ministry od infrastructure has launched the State Register of ship agents and brokers for the first time according to the new Law on commercial shipping.

We are pleased to announce to our closest partners that Maritime River Agency Agent plus is the first Serbian company that had met legal requirements for this registration after which the State Commission issued a decision by which our company is officially registered under number 1. in The State Register of ship agents and brokers.

Being the number one is our leading motive from the very beginning of our business, no matter if it is related to service  “quality,” “reliability,” “versatility,” or “safety”.

To become a leader, we chose to work with leaders, earning Your deepest trust constantly each and every day.

For us in Agent plus, being the first Serbian company officially registered as ship agents and brokers is just the beginning.

You can count our 15 licensed  agents and brokers will continue to be highly focused on the needs of our partners and clients, acknowledging Your issues and requests, and finally meeting those requests with services of the highest possible standard.

As always, thank you for allowing us to support your projects.