61st Conference of Directors of Danube Shipping Companies – Members of Bratislava Agreements

Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Meeting the 61st conference of directors of Danube shipping companies in Varna

Officially, the 61st Conference of Directors of Danube shipping companies members of Bratislava agreements will be held on 28.09.2016. – 01.10.2016. After Serbia, the host country this year is Bulgaria. Shipping Company ‘Agent Plus’ will be represented by the top management in this meeting.

Delegation of Directors of Agent Plus, a young shipping company with a home port in Serbia, will actively participate in this prestigious meeting. Among other things, Agent Plus will present a set of specialized services for comprehensive support of shippers on the Danube. International promotion of this services for technical servicing of vessels (TOPO), which was created by Agent Plus, dedicated to all shippers on the Danube in Serbia, will be an opportunity to once again recognize the company as a participant who actively contributes to the development of shipping on the Danube.
For half a century backwards, members of the Bratislava agreement actively exchange informations and experiences, solve everyday problems associated with navigation on the Danube applying protocol adopted principles of transport of goods in international waters and solving issues of general distress of vessels by creating forms of future cooperation of Danube shipping companies.

To remind, Bratislava agreements were signed in 1955 by leading shipping companies of the Danube basin in order to regulate a number of issues in the field of water and freight transportation on the largest river of Central and Eastern Europe.
Like an experienced and seasoned helmsman, Conference of Directors of shipping companies resists crises and temblor floating market to new markets even safer, raising the quality of work and terms of business to a higher level.Wind in the sails States signatory to the Bratislava agreement was their common denominator ‒ the Danube.

After the return of the delegation, Agent Plus will publish more details about the decisions and conclusions adopted at this year’s conference on the official website: www.agentplus-group.com.