Agent Plus Romania


AGP Romania was founded in 2012 wih headquarters in Constanta.

Constanta is the biggest port in Romania and is significant point for inland waterway cargo transport whose initial or final destination is Serbia, or ports in the neighboring countries. Simultaneously, it is both a river and sea port and it represents connection for container transport on Black Sea and Danube. Sea port Constanta creates new challenges and opportunities in the logistics sence, thus AGP activities are also directed towards organization of cargo transport on Black Sea, Azov Sea, the Mediterranean and further towards the world.

AGP Romania activities are in connection to booking transport of all types of cargo by river or sea, forwarding activities, transport of bulk cargo, out-of-gauge cargo, transshipments, FCL and port agency services, for all the markets that gravitate towards Danube and Black Sea.





50, Mamaia bvd, 2nd floor, room no.4

900663 Constanta, Romania

Tel: + 40 374 949 777

Mob: +40 748 80 80 80