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The parent company of Agent Plus Group is Agent Plus d.o.o. Beograd, founded in 2007. In initial stages, it consisted of 23 employees, predominantly young people who were selectively chosen by an experienced management. Within relatively short time frame, AGP has grown into one of the leading regional providers of multimodal cargo transport via sea and river networks, ship agency service providers within the inland waterways of Serbia, and chartering of ship cargo space.

Instantaneously, cooperation with numerous respectable global companies dealing with transport and logistics has been established, allowing AGP to carry out very ambitious development plans within the region, in addition to providing the best services to its clients. AGP has become inevitable regional partner in the development of the field of transport and logistics organization, as well as an active participant in the development of this field in the country and region. Much official recognition followed in terms of professional, innovative and high-quality performance, with the constant increase in the number of satisfied consumers being the best verification of successful and devoted business.

A significant step forward in the development, as well as a high recognition of the company, was securing agency service for the largest global container shippers, Maersk Line, in June 2008. It was a reason enough to establish a subsidiary Star Agent Plus, whose task is to exclusively deal with operations related to agency services of Maersk Line and to entirely represent and protect the interests of this enterprise in Serbian market.

With the goal of developing river based port agency, branches are formed throughout the entire Danube course in Serbia, so that by the end of 2008 AGP becomes one of the leading agency providers on Danube, entrusted by numerous major shipping companies.

A network of branches was formed in seven different cities in Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Veliko Gradiste (2007), Pancevo, Smederevo and Nis (2009) and Bezdan (2012).

AGP Group has executed one of the primary ideas of developing all transport routes in the region of South East Europe by establishing a network of companies in three additional countries: AGP Croatia (2008), AGP Romania (2009), and AGP Montenegro (2010). In that manner, AGP gained access to routes passing through ports of Rijeka and Bar.




Main office Belgrade

Makenzijeva 25, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

tel: +381 (0)11 2040-100, fax 2040-199