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The company’s management, led by their personal and business beliefs, that every moment must be spent moving and going forward, without setting any limits, has created a business atmosphere and a team of employees, who through their belief in this vision have joined the mutual construction of a serious and professional company. Energy, dedication, expertise, inventiveness and a high level of professionalism with a human touch, are the special driving forces behind the Agent Plus Group.

The company has over 130 employees in three countries and 11 cities in Southeast Europe.

Investing in people is one of Agent Plus’ basic postulates for creating a successful business and the company is constantly evolving its employees’ knowledge in all fields of business. Employees in the Group have all the necessary licenses for the highly professional tasks that they perform.


Professional selection of its staff

+ Strategically set priorities

+ Optimal organization of work

+ Pleasant working atmosphere = good team = success

= Agent plus