Work places and a career in the Agent Plus Group

The Agent Plus Group’s employees are a special driving and development force. Unity, a positive spirit and a very pleasant working atmosphere are part of the corporate culture and values that are carefully fostered. The process of recruitment in the company is a bit different from the usual practice of selection. After the initial professional selection, the Director and members of the top management personally perform interviews with the candidate, in a dedicated and patient manned, and therefore have a good understanding of each of their employees. All employees are provided continuous development through prestigious training and education. Another feature of the company is the structure of its employees, of whom over 80% are University educated. Each of the business units, as well as the independent companies, in all countries, are dedicated to the training of their employees so that they can achieve and surpass their greatest potential.


’Without a vision and carefully selected goals your chances for significant success are minimized. If you add to this a team of professionals that blend well, who are smart, civilized, but strong and determined enough individuals, you can count on success with a high degree of certainty.’

Zoran Netković, General Manager

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