Zoran Netković


Zoran Netković


  • e-mail: zoran.netkovic@agp.rs
  • General Manager of Agent plus since 2007.
  • Chairman of the Board of Staragent plus since 2008.
  • Chairman of the administrative board of the company Agent Plus Group
  • born in 1957.

An economist by education, Zoran Netković founded the Maritime-river agency “Agent Plus” in 2007 and has quickly ascended to creating a leading regional company in the organization of all types of cargo transport, logistics and port agency. Already in 2008 he founded Staragent Plus, as a general distributor for the world’s largest container shipping company “Maersk Line” for the Serbian market, as well as for the shipping companies “Safmarine” and “SeaGo”. Regional Expansion of Agent Plus Group began in 2008 by opening of the company Agent Plus Croatia, then in 2009 Agent Plus Romania and in 2010 Agent Plus Montenegro. Part of the group is Ahlers Plus, founded in 2013 in cooperation with the Belgian Ahlers.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1980 he started his professional career in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, working on planning and financing. He was appointed as a Chief Financial Officer of Jugoagent in 1995, using personal experience gained in his own accounting agency. In addition, he was named General Manager of Jugoagent in 2002, and was theChairman of the Board of Directors of the company in three terms.

Growing up in Kraljevo, along Ibar river bank, he discovered a passion for fishing, but more importantly his path in professional career which lead to success in the field of river transport. Today, with his family – son, daughter and wife, he enjoys spending time on his raft on the river Sava and on the trips around the world. An athlete in heart and a fighter by choice, he was one of the youngest regular players of Kraljevo handball club “Metalac”, and later during his academic life period a member of the RK “Economist”.

Zoran Netković is the initiator and founding president of the Forum “A wave of new initiatives for the development of water transport”, formed in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Infrastructure and Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade. He is a member of the Assembly of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and vice president of the Group of Transport and Communication and shipping, as well as a member of the Assembly of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and its Section of transport and freight forwarding.

From his associates in Agent Plus Group he expects critical thinking and creativity and therefore carefully and patiently participates in the selection of employees, regardless of the position in question. He dedicates an enormous effort into the company and in return expects commitment and creativity from the employees. With such a selected team, he has achieved an initial vision of the Group operating in the market of Southeast Europe, being present in major ports on the Danube, the Adriatic Sea, and in major regional centers with five companies in 11 cities and more than 100 employees.