Agent Plus Group is the winner of several awards, among which the most important are the Brand Leader Award, Business partner, Diploma de excelenta, The Best Agent and the Golden Anchor Award, best start-up company in 2012 was awarded to Agent Plus Constanta.


The helmsman is recognized in the storm

Establishing long-term relationships and loyal cooperation with partners and employees is placed as the ultimate goal in this company. Trust and support, the spirit of the old traditionalist time when people were devoting more attention to each other Agent Plus Group revived through the company’s establishment of the “Golden helm”.

Since 2009, the group grants award “Golden helm”, which is aimed at employees who stand out with their work, loyalty, team spirit and creativity. Also, recognition is intended for the partners with whom an excellent business collaboration has been established.

Each “Golden helm” is unique and has a unique number and in that order the winners are entered into the BOOK OF THE GOLDEN RUDDER, wherby it is inscribed on the first page: “Gubernator in tempstate cognoscitur” (Helmsman is known in the storm).