The corporate policy



Business policy of Agent Plus Group has been carefully written for years back. Standardization of business procedures, strict adherence to the rules in the transport of goods, strategic partnerships, a true commitment to the customers and consistent with their development goals- that are Agent Plus ‘ postulates. What is the essence of success of the company – that are employed. The code of conduct for employees is laid down with particular attention in order to develop unity, team spirit but clear obligations and procedures. Recruiting highly educated staff with continuous professional training provides expertise in creating and delivering logistics solutions and additional services that Agent Plus Group is constantly improving and expanding.


Development policy:

  • Application of business and technological achievements and innovations in the modular system of enterprises Agent Plus Group in the region
  • Knowledge of the broader market, the anticipation of market trends, quick access to relevant information and complete devoted to their jobs
  • Constant monitoring goods requires, supporting new ideas; create original, timely and high-quality solutions
  • The opening of the new companies and branches, market expansion, as well as connect with leading international companies
  • Carefully developing business across all ports in the region and the development of transport and infrastructure in the whole Danube’ flow
  • Identifying, understanding and satisfying the needs of clients and partners Agent Plus Group
  • Creating a new logistical solutions and increase transport capacity in accordance with the development plans of customers
  • Using best practices and experiences of global companies in the field of transport and logistics
  • Building confidence and long-term cooperation with customers and partners
  • Developing a team spirit and unity with their employees aiming at building value for every individual and the company as a whole