Corporate social responsibility


Our forum “The wave of new initiatives for the development of water transport” initiated by Agent Plus, is dedicated to defining and promoting the best solutions for improving water transportation in Serbia, with special attention being given to gathering the most relevant representatives of our state institutions, as well as representatives of economic and other entities directly or indirectly related to the this field of work.

In addition to organizing the annual conference of the Forum “Talas”, during the year Agent Plus organizes and supports other professional gatherings in the field of transport and logistics. On these occasions, Agent Plus cooperates with state authorities, professional associations and educational institutions in the field of transport, such as the Faculty of Transport in Belgrade.


Public clocks with a ship’s siren

Recognition in cities where it has its business offices and enterprises,the Agent Plus Group generates in original ways, in accordance with their line of work. Thus, a ship’s siren can be heard three times a day from Agent Plus’ public clock, which can be seen and heard from Slavija Square in Belgrade. Similar clocks are ticking in squares in Nis and in Bar and the installation of similar clocks is planned in all other cities in which Agent Plus operates.


Humanitarian and social action

The Agent Plus Group participates regularly in many humanitarian and social activities.

The 20th of June, the day the company was founded, is dedicated to the humane idea of donating blood. As a symbol of new beginnings and as a way of making our contribution to this humane idea, the employees of the Agent Plus Group donate blood each year. The same idea is being spread by employees outside of Serbia’s borders, with blood donations being made in 5 other countries of South Eastern Europe.

The company has been recognised for many years, except for its professional attitude towards its business and partners, as a company that insists on and maintains outstanding interpersonal relations. Unity and selfless assistance are values that have been carefully preserved since its founding.

The Agent Plus Group regularly takes part in social and humane actions in the communities in which it operates, such as offering support to areas affected by natural disasters, giving donations to hospitals, sports clubs and other institutions.

In the coming years the Agent Plus Group will be setting aside special contributions and will be implementing international projects for raising funds to help the youngest.