Mission, vision and values

‘’ In the Agent Plus Group we have woven the most important and priceless capital: experience, knowledge and good understanding of the market and openness to the opportunities provided by globalization, enriched by the benefits we enjoy thanks to our quality work force and vision. The result is unusual for the Serbian economic scene, but also one that was expected by those who knew us, who saw our energy and courage, and so, our birthday in June we await with the reputation of one of the leading regional companies when it comes to the organization of all types of transportation , especially by sea and river, as well as performing agency services for vessels on the Danube.’’

Zoran Netković, Director


The mission of the Agent Plus Group

The organization and the provision of global transport services through dedicated and customized services for individual and multimodal transports of all types of cargo. The realization of overseas container transportion of goods, without transshipment being performed, to their final destinations. The development of our own line for LCL shipments, ‘Balkan LCL Express’ , and our own capacities for water transportation via significant investments in the Agent Plus fleet, providing Chartering services on the river and the sea, as well as providing agency services for cargo and passenger ships with additional ‘Plusko’ services for the technical servicing of vessels, to fulfill the legal obligations of the shipowners. The conducting of warehouse and logistics operations and complete services for importers and exporters.


The Mission: AGENT PLUS provides services: Chartering, maritime river transport, intermodal transportation, port agency, customs brokerage and warehousing, which meet the requirements, needs and expectations, requirements of laws and other normative documents.
The Vision: AGENT PLUS services are recognized for their quality and competitive in the market, as well as effective and efficient processes within the quality management system harmonized with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

The vision of the Agent Plus Group

The development and standardization of effective and efficient business processes and procedures within the quality management system through compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and other national and international standards, in particular in the organization and execution of the transportation of goods. Respect for the clear corporate code of conduct in order to provide a recognizable level of service quality in order to constantly progress and develop as a company with a regular allocation of funds being made for the improvement of the professional skills of our employees, and others, particularly through close cooperation with scientific institutions and development of a foundation of knowledge through the Agent Plus Group’s Forum titled ‘Talas‘. The vision of Global business through the development of its own fleet and improvement of its leading position and expert knowledge in the transportation of goods as well as launching specific international projects for supporting children.



  • focus on customers and employees in order to continuously increase the satisfaction of their needs
  • full involvement of employees in order to use their creative skills to their benefit and the benefit of the organization
  • planning, consistent implementation and control of the management system through quality
  • a systematic approach to management in order to effectively and efficiently realise visions and business goals
  • decisions based on the analysis of data and information
  • developing mutually beneficial relationships with business partners in order to create an additional value for both sides