Agent Plus celebrated Company Day and 14 years since its founding

On Friday, June 25, starting at 7:30 pm, a ceremony was held to celebrate Company Day and the 14th anniversary of the founding of our company.

On that occasion, employees from Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as numerous business partners, representatives of the local community and public life gathered in the ceremonial hall of the Hilton Hotel, thus continuing the tradition of annual celebrations, which dates back to June 20, 2007 – the day when Agent Plus Group was founded.

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At the beginning of the ceremony, a short corporate movie was shown, after which the General Manager of Agent Plus, Zoran Netković, addressed the audience emphasizing good business results achieved in the previous period and the expansion of the river fleet, as well as announcing ambitious plans for the next period.

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After that, a special award “Golden helm” was awarded, which Agent Plus, as a good host that nurtures tradition and true values, awards every year to meritorious partners and employees from the entire Agent Plus Group.

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Having that the employees are a special driving and development force of the company, Agent Plus Group also awards jubilee awards for 10 years of work every year. Since last year, due to known circumstances, no appreciation letters were awarded, this time it was done for the winners from the current and last year.

These are employees from Agent Plus Croatia: Nela Zitinic and Marijan Milotic, from Montenegro: Daniela Djurovic and Kenan Perazic, as well as colleagues from Belgrade: Ana Gujanicic and Snezana Stojiljkovic.

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The rest of the evening passed in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, with catering and great music program of Mogul band. We would like to point out that this ceremony was just a rehearsal of a great celebration and significant jubilee which awaits us next year – 15 years since the company was founded!