Celebration of IFB HK 38th Anniversary



For us in Agent Plus an extraordinary joy and pride are important dates of our business partners. Success, many years of work, ‘investment ‘of energy and making a lot of efforts to offer higher quality, expanding the range of services is a common denominator of us and all of our partners. That is why we look forward to their anniversaries, rewards, and advancement likes our own. Directors of our business group Agent Plus were pleased to respond to the invitation of its long-standing business partners and have embarked on the journey to Vietnam to attend the celebration of the jubilee of the IFB Group. They had a great opportunity to exchange experiences and  good energy with employees in the representative offices of IFB in more than 50 countries, as well as another IFB agents from all around the world.



What we think about each other? IFB stands for his clients. IFB is representing  company from the best side you can only imagine, they care about all agents  and are working very hard day by day to make the most possible. Established 1980 in Hong Kong, IFB Group started with the prime goal of arranging shipments of goods from the Far East and South East Asia to Europe and nowadays this company is the leading one.

More about IFB: IFB has a well established network of own offices in Belgium, Cambodia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. In all other countries, IFB Group have a well-established agents network. Company is focused on ocean freight and air freight shipments to all major destinations worldwide. Many years of co-operation with our carriers and contractors ensure reliable the Advantages of cooperation with IFB: arranged the fastest, or the most convenient, routings for our customers’ shipments at competitive rates. Working with its own offices and a long established network of reliable overseas partners since many years guarantees the same high level of services all over the world.

Many years of cooperation and success remain behind us as a pledge for future advancement and joint action. Once again, we congratulate on 38 years of business success to our partners form IFB.