The Customs Administration awarded Agent Plus Maritime Agency the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate, which is an exceptional recognition and confirmation of the World Customs Organization that the company meets the highest standards in business security, financial excellence and organizational efficiency, that it has passed rigorous control of all business segments and adopted strict European standards.

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The ceremony on the occasion of awarding this valuable certificate was attended by the Executive director Nemanja Netkovic and the Customs brokerage and logistics director Ivan Nikolic in front of Agent Plus. In addition to Agent plus, only 13 other companies received the status of the Authorized Economic Operator during the last year , which increased the total number of laureates in the Republic of Serbia to 36.

The Director of the Customs Administration, Branko Radujko, pointed out during the presentation of the AEO certificate that it represents the crown of the great work of companies on fulfilling the conditions for this status, but also the efforts of the Customs Administration to facilitate business for those working in accordance with the law. Companies having the AEO certificate for safety and security will benefit from doing business with China and CEFTA countries, which will significantly facilitate trade and turnover of goods in regional and global frameworks.

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The AEO certificate which has been awarded to us by the Customs Administration confirms in the best way our company motto “Quality without compromise” which we are guided by in handling the goods of our clients, regardless of whether they come from Serbia, the region or all parts of the world. Agent Plus Group is especially encouraged by the fact that we have continued to improve our business and competitiveness in domestic and global markets, despite negative circumstances the COVID-19 virus pandemic caused to the world economy – said the CEO of Agent Plus Agency, Zoran Netkovic.