Consulting and insurance of goods in transit

Consulting in the field of transport and logistics is part of the standard offer of all sectors in Agent Plus. By considering the client’s needs and possibilities, agents find the optimal solutions that allow spent time and costs to be cut as much as possible.

Agent Plus has the WCA Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program since 2009, which gives the possibility for the lowest insurance premiums, as well a level of insurance that covers a larger number of risks. Insurance of goods is the only instrument that ensures full compensation in case of damage or alienation of goods in transit.

Cargo insurance

Agent Plus recommends cargo insurance against all risks and offers very favorable premiums for All Risk insurances to its customers.


Agent Plus has achieved recognition in the region by possessing an insurance policy for freight forwarding liability, which provides additional security for Agent Plus’ business partners.

Consulting for importers and exporters

Consulting services in the field of cargo transportation and logistics encompass professional advice and selecting the most appropriate transport and routes, participation in negotiations, booking of ship space for all kinds of cargo, as well as choosing of the most effective methods of customs and foreign trade operations.


Consulting services in the field of customs operations concern the application of laws and regulations, tariffs, consignment origin …


Consulting services in the field of foreign trade includes offering advice to clients regarding foreign payments, opening letters of credit, procedures related to VAT (using, release, recovery), assignment and assistance in the purchase of goods from the Far East and other world markets.