Port agency

The Port agency sector provides a 24/7 agency service for cargo and passenger ships. Services include: arrival formalities, inward – outward revision, submission of customs declarations, organization of customs formalities, registration of the vessel`s arrival and departure, support vessels and crews, coordination with tour operators, providing navigational and technical information, detailed info about legal provisions and administrative procedures and also organizing various controls, supplies, providing assistance with disembarking the crew, organizing bunkering services and other necessities.

email: portagency@agp.rs

Port Agency services ON the RIVERS AND SEA

Port agency services for cargo and passenger vessels on river provides services to ships in all ports and border crossings on the network of inland waterways in Serbia, on the Danube and Sava rivers.


Our long-standing agreements with prestigious river shipping companies confirm our reliability and the quality of our services. Couple this with our wide network of business units and you can see why Agent Plus is the leading port agent on the Danube and Sava.


Agency services for sea vessels are provided to ships via our offices in Constanta and Bar.

Temperatura vode

Reka: DUNAV - Hidrološka stanica: BOGOJEVO26.01. NEDELjA: Temperatura vode (°C): 2.1; Maksimalna temperatura vazduha (°C): 5.4; Minimalna temperatura vazduha (°C): -1.5; Srednja temperatura vazduha (°C): 1.5; Padavine (mm): 0
Reka: DUNAV - Hidrološka stanica: NOVI SAD26.01. NEDELjA: Temperatura vode (°C): 1.3; Maksimalna temperatura vazduha (°C): 7.3; Minimalna temperatura vazduha (°C): -2; Srednja temperatura vazduha (°C): 2.5; Padavine (mm): 0.1
Reka: DUNAV - Hidrološka stanica: ZEMUN26.01. NEDELjA: Temperatura vode (°C): 2.5; Maksimalna temperatura vazduha (°C): 10.9; Minimalna temperatura vazduha (°C): 3; Srednja temperatura vazduha (°C): 7; Padavine (mm): 0.1


tisabečnedelja -235 cm
vašarošnamennedelja -177 cm
tokajnedelja 461 cm
solnoknedelja -165 cm
segedinnedelja 87 cm
sentanedelja 230 cm
novi bečejnedelja 313 cm
titelnedelja 121 cm


zagrebnedelja -251 cm
gradiškanedelja 41 cm
brodnedelja 73 cm
šamacnedelja cm
sremska mitrovica1. utorak 120 cm
šabacnedelja 2 cm
beogradnedelja 172 cm


lincnedelja 354 cm
kornojburgnedelja 203 cm
bratislavanedelja 273 cm
komarnonedelja 132 cm
estergomnedelja 66 cm
budimpeštanedelja 118 cm
dunafeldvarnedelja -128 cm
bajanedelja 140 cm
mohačnedelja 166 cm
bezdan1. utorak 7 cm
apatinnedelja 68 cm
bogojevonedelja 66 cm
vukovarnedelja 61 cm
bačka palanka nedelja 87 cm
novi sadnedelja 72 cm
zemunnedelja 216 cm
pančevonedelja 245 cm
smederevonedelja 433 cm
veliko gradištenedelja 740 cm
turn severinnedelja 695 cm
prahovonedelja 22 cm
ruščuknedelja 62 cm
đurđevonedelja -8 cm
crna vodanedelja -30 cm
brailanedelja 104 cm



You can feel at ease and place your confidence in Agent Plus’ port agency sector when you are in need of complete services for cargo or passenger ships on both the river and the sea, with additional services on offer as well.

Service for cargo ships

The Agent Plus Group offers complete services for cargo ships on the river and sea.

Cargo ships

Service for passenger ships

This specially created service includes carrying out basic legal and other prescribed rules and obligations, as well as any other requests.

Passenger ships


Technical servicing of the vessels – named ‘TOPO’ includes the preparation of vessels for loading, transshipment assistance, surveillance of the vessels and the use of Agent Plus’ official vessels.