Passenger ships Port Agency

Agent Plus Group performs agency services for passenger ships on rivers. At sea, passenger ships agency services are carried out in Montenegro ports and through network of its offices across the whole of Adriatic.

Passenger ships on the Danube

Annually more than 4,000 ships, or a dozen per day, sail across the lower course of the Danube. All of them fall under jurisdiction of Harbour Masters Offices in the ports of call (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Donji Milanovac), where the ships perform inward / outward revisions. Ships from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine are the most numerous. Special attraction for tourists represent the Đerdap gorge and passage through the Iron Gate.


In addition to providing services for carrying out the statutory norms and additional procedures, port agents are available 24 hours for any crew or passenger inquiries. Furthermore, agents organize supply depending on the needs of the ship and, if necessary, medical assistance to the ships’ crew.


Agent Plus Group provides agency services for passenger ships at sea through a independent company in Montenegro and its office in Bar.

Required documents

Port agents are well acquainted with legal requirements and procedures, making Agent Plus and its Port Agency department a reliable partner in offering services to ships on rivers and seas. Close ties and effective cooperation with the regulatory authorities, offers Agent Plus’ clients and their respective passengers additional security and convenience during their tourist cruises on the territories of other countries.