Technical Servicing of the Vessels

Agent Plus offers a special service package for ship owners on the Danube for comprehensive support in the ports of Smederevo, Pancevo and Novi Sad, under the name TOPO – Technical servicing of vessels, which includes the following four services:

  • Loading preparation
  • Transshipment assistance
  • Vessel and cargo surveillance – “PLUSKO” service
  • Provision of the official agent’ vessel – “PLUSKO” service

We take care of your vessels 24/7!

Even when left entirely unattended at anchor or in port, vessels and cargo will be safe. In summary: Agent Plus prepares your vessels for loading, assists with transshipments, provides surveillance in the absence of crew, and supplies or transports the crew using own vessels.

Maintenance and transshipment handling crew, security teams and patrol vessels are at your service 24/7, ready to dry clean or wash the units and prepare them for loading of ore, coal, metals, grains, salt … … transshipment operations avoiding time-consuming berthing… around the clock surveillance of your vessels and cargo … transferring or delivering supplies to the crew …


In order to prepare the barges for loading, as per the standards of the control houses, our experienced team uses modern equipment, and performs the needed washing or dry cleaning of the loading holds on a 24/7 basis.

When the loading preparation time is limited, turbo heating cannons can be effective in drying the previously washed loading space in the shortest time possible.

Potential wastewater that can accumulate in larger quantities during the washing of the loading space can be, on behalf of the owner and in compliance with the legal and ecological standards, safely and properly stored for up to 30 days.

Agent Plus offer washing and cleaning services upon discharge completion to prepare the cargo space for further loading operations.

Special offer: Specially trained and certificated employees with permission to provide support on the premises of the steelworks in Smederevo, insure loading preparations directly in the Zelezara Smederevo.


In cases when the port does not possess its own pusher, trained Agent Plus’ team can efficiently carry out the complete monitoring of all transshipment operations in an effective manner, with manual manipulation of the hatches and/or vessel at the berth, providing technical support in order to avoid additional retention of the vessel.

Opening and closing of the hatches on the unit, as well as manual moving of the units on the berth is performed by employees who have many years of experience as crew members, which guarantees the professional and timely completion of the transshipment.


Providing the full and complete supervision of the river units and cargo, in cases when the crew is engaged with other jobs, is the owner’s legal obligation. This is why Agent Plus offers continuous, 24/7 surveillance of the river units and cargo at the anchorage and/or port.

Surveillance is performed by Agent Plus’ supervisory team that is on duty, with a specially equipped vessel, with the use of the latest equipment for video surveillance, illumination of the area at night, light and sound alarms and warning systems, while maintaining constant communication with the police.

This all ensures preventive deterrence, as well as a quick response in cases when unlawful acts are attempted towards the cargo and anchored river units.


Agent Plus offers provision of its own vessels service, named “PLUSKO” for transport of crew representatives to and from the place of registering, in cases where a convoy is tendering to official authorities on arrival or departure of the port area, and there is a need for the crew to control other vessels from convoy composition.

Transport Services are organized on a 24/7 basis, when in need of procurement of supplies, medical interventions or care for the crew, as well as in situations where the ship owners want to avoid costs of performing activities with their own towing vessel from the convoy.