Customs brokerage

Business Unit Customs brokerage evaluates client’s needs and proposes optimal customs procedures in order to simplify the necessary processes. Additionally, Customs brokerage unit provides legal representation in all administrative procedures with reference to Customs Administration (retrospective checks, handling customs documents complaints, warehouse opening requests, exemptions, returns …).

Full customs brokerage service

Customs brokerage services include:

  • Registering of customs goods and storage under customs supervision (preparing warehousing and temporary warehousing documents)
  • Customs warehousing (preparation of documents, UV7 declaration …)
  • Applying legislative regulations in the process of warehousing

Import customs clearance of goods

  • Placing the goods in free trade (customs clearance of goods IN4)
  • Inward Processing (finishing, processing of goods IN5)
  • Temporary import of goods (for presentations, tests, fairs …)
  • Successive clearance of goods
  • Re-export processing of goods IN5
  • Free shipment

The export clearance of goods

  • Export customs clearance
  • Outward Processing
  • Temporary export of goods (for presentations, tests, fairs …)
  • Standard replacement of goods
  • Replacement of goods within the warranty period
  • Preparing EUR forms
  • Preparing CMR forms and accompanying freight forwarding certificates / forms.


Agent Plus provides clients with the following services on their demand:

– Re-export warehousing of goods
– Export after re-export