Customs and commercial warehouse

Business Unit Warehouse manages commercial – customs warehouse of Agent plus. Located in Zemun, this 4000 m2 warehouse, has access to all strategic networks of cargo transport in the region: highways E70 to Croatia and Romania and E75 towards Hungary and Macedonia, as well as Corridor VII (the river Danube) and Corridor X (railway to Austria and Greece).

Warehouse activities

Delivery and logistics

  • Loading and unloading of cargo from transport vehicles
  • Unloading of cargo from containers
  • Unloading and loading of oversized cargo (machinery, components …)
  • Checking the status of submitted cargo, tally count, reporting …


  • Rack storage of cargo (fragile and sensitive cargo, properly packaged …)
  • Palletized storage
  • Open air storage

Dispatch goods

Distribution logistics

  • Clustering and separation of cargo
  • Forming a range of packages and other units
  • Preparing for retail market (labeling, repacking packagings …)

Dispatching logistics

  • Delivery of cargo to retail or wholesale centers, by specialized vans or trucks

Warehouse readiness

Customs and commercial warehouse is equipped with all that is required for quick and efficient product manipulation (different types of forklifts, ramps …) and can meet the most diverse logistics requirements.

Documents for download

Agent Plus offers storage services and handling all kinds of goods that require surround mode.

For information on the required supporting documentation, please contact us.