Air Transport

Via the airports of Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica, Nis, Skopje and Ljubljana, in cooperation with a specialized network of agents around the world, Agent Plus organizes transport and delivery of air shipments to all destinations worldwide.

Air transport of goods around the world

Organising air transportation for all types of air shipments Agent Plus transports cargo according to the principle “door to door”, regardless of the location of the final destination relative to the airport’s location. Agent Plus organizes multimodal transportation through other modes of transport from the airport to the recipient.

This is the optimal logistical solution for the transport of fair exhibits, samples and promotional goods that need to reach the user in a short period of time.

Air freight 'door to door service'

The offer includes air transportation and all related activities for handling air shipments in export and import:

  • Preparation of necessary documentation
  • Forwarding
  • Storage
  • Tracking and reporting on shipments during the whole voyage

By organizing cargo charter flights general or special types of cargo can be transported.