Booking of ship space (chartering) is an important segment of Agent Plus’ business activities, one which connects the customer’s needs to transport goods with shipping companies that offer river and sea transportation. Every day  Agent Plus’ well experienced team of brokers book and organize transports of all types of cargo on the waterways all across Europe.


Business Network on European Waterways

With a network of branches across the Danube and companies in Bar and Rijeka, the Agent Plus Group offers complete chartering services, including transshipment in ports, the transportation of goods and their surveillance as well as mediating when negotiating ‘time charter’ contracts, insurance of cargo and insurance of ships.


The Agent Plus Group takes on the role of a broker on the river and sea:


  • Through the river ports on the Danube, Sava, and canal systems in Europe
  • Through the sea ports of Rijeka, Bar, Constanta and Thessaloniki towards the Ukrainian and Russian ports, connecting Turkish ports and ports in North Africa, as well as river and sea transport of goods directed to the port of Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp
  • Combining river-sea services


Cargo Transportation by sea and river

Our list of references represent the special contracts we have with ship owners and transport companies on the river and canal systems in Europe to Constanta and competitive prices with liner shipping companies from China, Asia, America, Africa and the Mediterranean to Northern, Black Sea and the Adriatic ports.

Agent Plus connects the customer’s needs for the transportation of certain quantities of goods according to a particular dynamics with shipping companies, whilst possessing our own capacities on the river.

Booking of shipping space

Agent Plus can transport: cargo in bulk, general cargo, project cargo, petroleum products and chemicals

Types of cargo

Chartering shipping services

Within the scope of booking of ship space and organizing Chartering on the sea and on the Danube for bulk, general and liquid cargo, the Agent Plus Group offers the following services:


  • Negotiating and closing the deal on behalf of the client
  • Preparing the booking notes and contracts
  • Organization of transport through the channel Rhine – Main – Danube from the North Sea to the Black Sea
  • Transshipment of goods in all of the major ports in the region: Constanta, Reni, Izmail, Ruse, Smederevo, Belgrade, Pancevo, Novi Sad, Baja, Mohács, Hamburg, Regensburg, Koper, Rijeka, Bar
  • All services related to the storage of goods, documentation, customs clearance, insurance and the like.
  • Subsequent operations (demurrage calculations, dispatch regulation …)
  • Coordination and surveillance through our network of offices on the Danube, as well as reliable long-term partners around the world
  • Agency services at loading and unloading ports
  • Consulting in the fields of river and maritime transportation