Types of cargo

Agent Plus Group organizes and carries out all types of cargo transport through  Agency service of cargo ships, transport with own fleet, maritime and river transport of containers, wagons and transport of goods. Furthermore, Agent Plus is a reliable partner for OOG (out of gauge) transport, combining different modes of transport such as road transport by truck, air, along with providing storage, re-export and forwarding services. We obtain all the necessary permits, advise the optimal routes for transport, provide the necessary technical and police escorts and carry out customs clearance of goods

Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, we can organize road, rail, water or air transport.

Solutions for all types of cargo

Upon request Agent Plus organizes carriage of bulk and general / break bulk cargo such as grains and other agricultural products, all types of fertilizers, coal, coke, ores, minerals, as well as other types of dry cargo in bulk.

Agent Plus performs secure delivery to final destination of unit and general cargo, such as metal products (concrete steel, coils, strips, sheets, profiles …), all kinds of goods in packages, bales, pallets, and bags or liquid cargo: oil products and VGO, base oils, and chemical products.

For oversized cargo: metal and concrete structures, equipment, machinery, boats and vehicles, mechanical installations, transformers, and wind turbines for wind parks the company provides escorted transport via the most optimal routes.

Water transport: the most appropriate transport

Water transport is the most optimal medium for transporting bulk cargo as well as large quantities of cargo. The importance of cooperation with trusted agent is determinant in the seasonal transport of large quantities of agricultural products but also in achieving the dynamics and safe cargo transport to the final locations throughout Europe and rest of the world.