LCL transports

The Agent Plus Group offers LCL transport services to clients who have smaller shipments, that do not occupy the whole container or the entire cargo space of the trucks. Thus avoiding the import or export of goods in quantity greater than the real need and reduce the cost of warehousing and logistics.



LCL services represent a specific service where different shipments are all consolidated at one place and are then shipped together via the most adequate means of transportation.


In line with their own needs and business dynamics clients can request the shipment of any quantity of cargo that suits their purposes and the Agent Plus Group will organize and perform the transportation of the goods, in line with established procedures, with the option of using our warehousing and customs brokerage services and then delivering the cargo to the final destination, all the while finding the time optimal and cost effective solution.


This method is extremely effective in terms of costs, as the client is only paying for the space that the shipment occupied.


LCL transports are serviced by Agent Plus from all over the globe up to the desired final destination. Our own weekly direct service, that goes under the name “Balkan Express LCL” transports goods from the Far East, Australia and Oceania, whereas in Europe daily departures are organized.

Balkan LCL Express

LCL transports, without transshipment, to Europe

Agent Plus organizes transports of LCL shipments (LCL) from the Far East, via its own direct service, “Balkan LCL Express”, which covers Southeast European markets.

The service provides greater safety of the goods during transportation, shorter transit times and constant surveillance.

New destinations

For other destinations, as well as for exports and in line with the client’s needs, the goods are transported using specific services characterized by the shortest transit time and optimal prices.

Regular LCL lines from Croatian

Benefits of LCL cargo transportation

LCL shipments represent a very popular way of delivering goods when discussing smaller, limited quantities or test samples, whether it be through the use of less than container load shipments (LCL) or LTL-Less than Truck Load shipments.


In both cases, the benefits are faster delivery, significantly lower transport costs and avoidance of any minimal quantity requirements and restrictions that transporters can impose.