Maritime transport

As a maritime-river agency, cargo transportation via river and the sea is one Agent Plus’ core activities. Agent Plus has obtained an additional advantage in river transportation by investing in its own ship capacities in order to ensure the reliable and competitive realization of this form of transportation.


Water transportation

Through cooperation and special agreements with the world’s largest shippers and brokers we organize overseas transportation, while the transport of goods by river, Agent Plus carries out with its own river fleet, which has excellent navigational and technical characteristics, whilst maintaining a presence at sea ports where transshipment is carried out, as well as in regional ports on the Danube and the Sava river.


Maritime-river cargo transportation

Transport of goods via river and sea is the optimal way to transport certain types of cargo.

A step forward in further developing and improving services on the when it comes to water transportation sets Agent Plus apart in the field of services rendered in this sector.

The continued investment in our own fleet for the transportation of goods by river is a strategic commitment of the Maritime - river agency Agent Plus.

Agent Plus Fleet

Cargo ships and barges transport all types of cargo on inland river waterways throughout Europe, from the North to the Black Sea.



Cargo transportation via river and the sea is one Agent Plus’ core activities. Therefore, special attention is paid to the quality of vessels and cargo space, professional and experienced crew, agency in its own organization in a large number of ports on the Danube and Sava, as well as constant monitoring of goods and vessels – all enabling fast and safe realization the river-sea transportation of cargo.


On the vessels of our agency, a highly trained and experienced crew is engaged, which is ready at any time to respond to numerous tasks related to safe navigation and domestic relations and treatment of goods accepted for transport.